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Specialised Services

bullet Access Audits
bullet Access Plans
bullet Access Policies / Strategies
bullet Access Appraisals for Proposed Works
bullet Access Statements for Building Control and Planning Applications

Information Technology -

bullet Advice regarding the design and use of Property Information and Management Databases
bullet Digital Still Image and Video Photography
bullet Internet Based Project Collaboration

bullet Advice regarding:-

  • the selection and appointment of specialists
  • the selection and use of materials
  • applicable legislation and compliance requirements
  • the consequences of Listed Building and Conservation Area status
  • We can also manage the conservation / restoration process. (See Construction and Development).


Digital Still Image and Video Photography
The wide use of digital technology allows property and estate managers to hold vast databases of visual information. Sutherland Consulting can undertake surveys of areas which are difficult to access using conventional means, or where frequent access is unlikely or undesirable, and can provide visual records. Digital video photography is also increasingly being used to complement conventional Building Surveys, and to assist in the appraisal of the building, possibly where Clients are remote from the location concerned. Sutherland Consulting can provide edited digital video footage either as an additional, or a stand alone service.