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Property Occupation / Asset Management

bullet Asset Management Plans / Estate Management Strategies
bullet Refurbishment / Modernisation
bullet Change Management and Corporate Re-branding
bullet Dilapidations (Landlord & Tenant Issues)
bullet Schedules of Condition
bullet Building Pathology (Defects Diagnosis)
bullet Asset Registers
bullet Property Information
bullet Fire Damage Reinstatement Advice
bullet Fire Insurance Valuations
bullet Planned Maintenance Programmes
bullet Life Cycle Advice – materials and costs (eg for PFI Projects)


Planned Maintenance Programmes
Life Cycle Advice – materials and costs (eg for PFI Projects)

The preparation of maintenance programmes tailored to the client’s particular requirements. Our service includes the assessment of the cost of the works required and the preparation of a coordinated programme to deal with the items found, which can be structured to suit the client’s budgeting requirements. Advice can also be given with regard to the integration of the Planned Maintenance Programme with the client’s proposed premises development or improvement programmes, and with the requirements of existing and new legislation in order to ensure that the greatest cost benefit is obtained.
The longevity of construction materials and components has become recognised as being increasingly important, for property management, financial and environmental reasons. An extension to the Planned Maintenance approach, the Life Cycle approach is based on anticipated component life-spans, and the ways in which these can be managed to produce the greatest benefit. This methodology is commonly used on PFI or ‘sale and leaseback’ projects where it is necessary to predict the long term risks associated with the management of a building or property estate.