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Property Occupation / Asset Management

bullet Asset Management Plans / Estate Management Strategies
bullet Refurbishment / Modernisation
bullet Change Management and Corporate Re-branding
bullet Dilapidations (Landlord & Tenant Issues)
bullet Schedules of Condition
bullet Building Pathology (Defects Diagnosis)
bullet Asset Registers
bullet Property Information
bullet Fire Damage Reinstatement Advice
bullet Fire Insurance Valuations
bullet Planned Maintenance Programmes
bullet Life Cycle Advice – materials and costs (eg for PFI Projects)


Advising both landlords and tenants with regard to ‘wants of repair’ in connection with commercial leases. We can provide advice on strategies for serving claims on tenants on behalf of landlords, and also in defending claims on behalf of tenants. We can also provide specialist cost advice in order to negotiate and substantiate claims. (See also Building Surveys)