Construction & Development

bullet Project Management
bullet Contract Administration

bullet Employer’s Agent
bullet Cost Advice and Management
bullet Specifications and Schedules of Work
bullet Planning Supervisor - (The CDM Regulations 1994)
bullet Building / Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor -
(The Party Wall etc. Act 1996)

bullet Development Monitoring
bullet Feasibility Studies
bullet Design Advice
bullet Preparation of Building Control and Planning Application (including the preparation of Access Statements)
bullet Applications for Listed Building Consent


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996
Sutherland Consulting can advise on the requirements of the Party Wall etc. Act. We can undertake the role of Building Owner’s Surveyor, Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor, or the Third Surveyor and can ensure that documentation including Awards is properly prepared and issued. We can also liaise with and appoint, as required, further specialist consultants. For instance, in the case of major development works which are proposed, adjacent to existing buildings, it is likely to be necessary to consult with a structural engineer to obtain and consider specific information.