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Property Acquisition and Disposal

bullet Pre-acquisition Surveys
bullet Building Appraisals
bullet Building Surveys
bullet Dilapidations Liability Advice
bullet Schedules of Condition
bulletKey Property Information - Compilation and Management
bullet Pre-sale Survey – Strategic Advice
bullet Preparation of Asset Registers


Key Property Information - Compilation and Management
Advice re the design and use of Property Information and Management Databases
Asset Registers
Property Information

All commercial buildings require an increasingly complex range of issues to be effectively managed. Operating day to day repairs, planned maintenance projects, keeping up to date asset and health and safety records are just some of the matters that will be familiar to those responsible for building and estate management functions. The growing volume of data required to be kept in easily accessible formats, as well as the legal requirements associated with this, have led to the development of a range of IT based Property Information and Management Systems. Sutherland Consulting can advise on the systems available, their capabilities, costs and suitability for a particular property estate, or simply a single building. We can also ensure that all essential elements are included in a particular package, and assist with the entry or transfer of data on to the new system.
We often ask Clients to consider how much valuable information would be lost if a Buildings or Estates Manager was no longer available. Part of the rationale for these systems is to commence the construction of an all encompassing database, so that information held by some is available to many, and is never lost.
Asset Registers often form part of the databases outlined above. These range from simple lists of equipment, to detailed databases linked to bar-coding systems. (See also Property Occupation / Asset Management).