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Property Acquisition and Disposal

bullet Pre-acquisition Surveys
bullet Building Appraisals
bullet Building Surveys
bullet Dilapidations Liability Advice
bullet Schedules of Condition
bulletKey Property Information - Compilation and Management
bullet Pre-sale Survey – Strategic Advice
bullet Preparation of Asset Registers


Building Surveys
A variety of building survey types can be offered, dependent on the specific needs of the Client. Services include Pre-acquisition Surveys, Building Appraisals, Condition Surveys, the assessment of tenant/landlord liabilities in the case of leased premises, and specialised surveys with regard to specific building defects or problems.
Building Appraisals are an increasingly popular form of survey. The focus of this report is the suitability of the subject building to the Client’s needs or proposals.
Pre-sale Surveys are becoming increasingly popular, as a means for owners to strategically pre-empt the results of surveys undertaken on behalf of prospective purchasers. For example, it may be more cost efficient to deal with a significant roof defect before bringing a property to the market, rather than allowing this to possibly disproportionately affect the sale price ultimately realised.
In the case of leased premises, Sutherland Consulting can advise Landlords or Tenants on the repairing covenants included in the lease, and provide a strategy for the management of the premises to protect the Client’s interests.
At the outset of any tenancy it is strongly recommended that a Schedule of Condition is prepared and agreed by both the Landlord and the Tenant. This will then form a main point of reference in any future discussions regarding the liability for repairs and maintenance. Whilst such Schedules can be straight forward, in older or more complex buildings it is sometimes necessary to recommend an amendment to the terms of a proposed lease, to take into account existing or developing defects. The neglect of such issues often results in significant and unexpected costs at the end of the lease term.